We knew there was a better way

OG真人 is a better care company inspired by nature and designed with purpose for a better you & a better world. Started by an architect, we set out on a mission to make everyday objects that are more effective for people and more sustainable for the environment.

We started by solving an everyday problem with a simple object, the toothbrush. And we had a simple idea: In a sea of false claims and absurd features, we took a different path - to create a product that is more honest and works better.

Real results for you and the world

We applied ergonomic design and luxury materials to engineer a toothbrush that cleans better in your mouth, feels better in your hand, and treats the planet better with a focus on sustainability. And that was just the start. We’ve taken that philosophy and vision of EVERY DAY BETTER to create sustainable toothpastes, flosses, and other daily use objects we think you’ll love too.

Family run, women led

OG真人 is now owned by the daughter of the founder. We ensure that we keep OG真人 users and their health at the heart of the company. We know the importance of health and family firsthand.

Committed to a healthier planet

It is not enough for us to make products that work amazingly well. We are conscious of our footprint too. Our products begin and end as recycled materials. And through our factory, we can oversee the full process and ensure we’re living up to our strict commitment to sustainability.

Give your mouth a better experience