Innovation for better products
and a cleaner world

See how we are making difference

Recycled & recyclable

Whenever possible, we use recycled materials in our products, and make sure we are doing what we can to make our products recyclable. We are in the business of making smiles big and landfills small.

BPA free

A truly healthy mouth is the source of a bright smile. To keep people healthy, we keep chemicals that cause harm like BPA out of our products. We use the finest ingredients to keep mouths healthy.

Non-GMO & Organic

In our commitment to keep the OG真人 family healthy, we were the first company to make a truly Non-GMO, Organic toothpaste. Whether you, your kids or pets are using our product, you can rest assured it is safe and comes from real ingredients that have been naturally grown.

We are always pursuing better

We are proud of where we have come from and what we have created, but that is no reason to rest or slow down our drive for better products and a cleaner world. We are continually searching for even better ways to keep people smiling.